Aba Essilfie

Bloom614 is something Columbus really needs right now. A one stop shop that will help those who truly want to be homeowners but don't know how to get started. It is encompassing everything needed for success and maintaining home ownership which I have not seen done anywhere else.

Phone Number

Email Address


Organization Name
Take A Look Real Estate Brokers

Organization’s Address

2957 Stelzer Road, Columbus, OH 43219

Years of Experience
5 years

What makes your Real Estate Services unique?
Our brokerage is a small independent black owned brokerage that is focused on serving the community. We believe in giving more than we take. We pride ourselves in home ownership, credit, financial, and investment education. We believe real estate is key to building generational wealth and legacy.

What are the price ranges of homes you work with?
I work with homes of all sales prices.

What geographies, populations, or housing styles do you specialize in?
My focus is Central Ohio. Majority of my clients are first time home buyers who are looking for single family homes or condos.

What downpayment savings do you work with?
I serve all clients, from those who no downpayment savings to those who have more than 20% in savings.

What credit scores do you work with?
I work with clients with a 580 score and above

Are you a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent?
I am both a buyer’s and seller’s agent.

Apart from English, do you have any other language or cultural competencies?
I speak Twi.

Are there any other cultural competencies you would like to share?

Have you worked with clients of who Housing Choice vouchers?

Is there anything else I should know about you?

I work with people of all cultural backgrounds and abilities. I am a first-generation immigrant and understand the nuances that come with that.