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Financial wellness is something that everyone should have access to, no matter their background. One of our pillars is to help our clients build wealth so that they and their families can be set up for success. Historically, marginalized communities have been left out of this narrative, so we want to open them up to the world of financial health and break down any barriers of access.

Apprisen aims to aim to help with every aspect of personal finance, with a strong focus on debt management. Our unique one-on-one sessions are a collaborative effort that involve brainstorming achievable solutions that fit each of our clients’ unique situations, regardless of what stage of their financial life they’re at. It’s financial wellness, tailored specifically for you. Apprisen serves clients that are majority low-to-moderate income, and serves clients in all 50 states. The services Apprisen provides are: financial education, financial coaching, community outreach and counseling including: Debt Management, Financial Education, Financial Wellness Programs, Student Loan, Housing, and Bankruptcy Counseling.

Apprisen is a digital-first organization, and can offer services both virtually and on occasion in person. In April 2024, Apprisen launched a Virtual On-Demand Homebuyer Workshop! This is a great new resource for individuals looking to learn more about the homeownership process and obtain a HUD certificate in a convenient and engaging way. To find more information about this first-time homebuyer course, please visit: .

Phone number: 1 (800) 355-2227