Homeport provides high-quality, evidenced-based, HUD-certified Housing Advisory Services (HAS) Program to educate and counsel low- and moderate-income individuals and families in managing finances, building wealth and purchasing a first home. HAS includes multiple educational services, including Financial Fitness, Credit/Budget Counseling and Financial Coaching. Financial Fitness is a free six-hour workshop that teaches the skills needed to create a balanced budget, set achievable financial goals and establish wise spending plans. Credit/Budget Counseling consists of individual counseling sessions with a Housing Advisor to develop and follow an action plan for healthy financial behavior. Financial Coaching allows for consistent follow-up sessions, to ensure action plans are completed and milestones are being achieved.

Other HAS program activities include Home Readiness, Homebuyer Education courses and certifications and individualized Homebuyer counseling. Home Readiness is a pre-Homebuyer Education (HBE), no-cost, one-hour screening workshop designed for Homeport’s Housing Advisors to determine participant readiness for home purchase. Homebuyer Education (HBE) courses, with Certification, are 8+ hour workshops designed to teach clients the process of purchasing their first homes. Individual Homebuyer Counseling are individualized sessions with qualified and certified staff members to take the prospective buyer through their unique steps of home purchase.

As more people are seeking information and advice online, Homeport Housing Advisors created a video series called ‘Money Talks.’ This bi-monthly series provides vital financial information on a variety of relevant topics, including Money Management, Credit and Foreclosure Prevention. Three-minute videos provide actionable steps and resources for moving forward.

Homeownership Counseling;Homeownership Education Workshops;Financial Management/Budget Counseling;Financial Management/Budget Workshops;Non-Delinquency Post-Purchase Counseling;Foreclosure Prevention Counseling;HECM/Reverse Mortgage Counseling;

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