OSU Extension Franklin County


We offer easy to understand training on the process of home ownership, money management, budget and credit counseling.

Home Buyer Education participants will learn how to obtain, maintain and retain a home of their own! If your credit score is 640 or greater and one of the following apply to you, we recommend registering for the FREE Home Buyer Education Workshop.

Money Management participants will learn to set SMART financial goals, create a budget, improve credit and reduce debt. They will also learn about savings, investment, and borrowing options!

OSU Extension is a leader in community development education and an unbiased partner in building and implementing strategies to achieve goals. We enhance the well-being of communities and neighborhoods through interactive and collaborative partnerships with residents, local businesses and organizations, community leaders, and elected officials.

To register in Zoom, visit: go.osu.edu/BUYAHOME or go.osu.edu/MANAGEMONEY

Phone: 614-297-3861 (Email or Website Communication Preferred)
Address: 2548 Carmack Rd, Columbus OH